Naslov originala: It
Žanr: horor, fantazija, avantura, natprirodno
Distributer: Warner Bros. Television, DawnField Entertainment
Redatelj: Tommy Lee Wallace
Producent: Mark Basino, Allen S. Epstein, Jim Green
Scenario: Lawrence Cohen, Tommy Lee Wallace
Prema romanu: Ono Stephena Kinga
Uloge: Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur, Annette O’Toole, Tim Reid, John Ritter, Richard Thomas, Tim Curry
Glazba: Richard Bellis
Kamera: Richard Lieterman
Montaža: David Blangsted, Robert F. Shugrue
Zemlja: SAD, Kanada
Jezik: engleski
Godina izdanja: 1990
Trajanje: 192′


In the opening scene, a little girl named Laurie Ann rides her bike down the street happily singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Her mother notices it is about to storm and tells her to come inside. Before Laurie Ann goes inside, she hears children laughing in the distance and then a clown giggle. She turns and spots a clown standing in her backyard. The clown plays around with the girl, trying to lure her to him. The film then cuts to Laurie Ann’s mother looking for her, and then finding the girl dead in the backyard. This prompts Mike Hanlon to call across the United States looking for his six friends, telling them that the murderer has returned and their promise from years ago that if “It” ever comes back, they will fight it again. The film then is told in separate flashbacks between the seven friends.

Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Ben, Stan and Mike, a group of outcasts, form the “Losers Club”, a group of social misfits who meet and form a tight-knit friendship. Each of the children individually encounter the child-killing clown (hiding under beds and in the sewer) haunting their hometown of Derry, Maine. The monster, which the group later collectively name “It,” usually appears as the thing the child victim most fears before taking the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Their separate encounters are later fortified when they all witness Pennywise reach out from a photograph in an album owned by Mike Hanlon, one of the children.
Spurred by Bill Denbrough’s desire for revenge on “It” for killing his younger brother Georgie, the Losers resolve to locate “It”‘s home in the sewers and destroy the threat to Derry once and for all. Henry Bowers, a mentally psychotic bully, and two of his friends (Patrick and Belch) follow the group into the Barrens and into the sewers, in a bid to ambush and kill them as revenge for an earlier rock fight. During their trek through the sewers, Stan Uris, one of the Seven, is pulled away from the group by Henry and Belch, and Henry pulls out a pocketknife. Patrick has been ordered to ambush the Seven from another side but is killed by “It”.

As the remaining Seven come to the middle of the sewers they discover Stan is missing. Belch restrains Stan as Henry prepares to kill him with the pocketknife, but “It” bursts through a sewage pipe and kills Belch while Henry and Stan watch in horror. As “It” makes its way out of the pipe, Stan flees and Henry’s hair instantly turns white from the sight of “It”‘s true form.

Stan meets up with the Seven, warning them that mystery of “It”‘s true form has something to do with living white lights that instantly kill anyone who looks directly at them and which is far more reprehensible than Pennywise. They are to avoid looking into “It”‘s “deadlights”. “It” vanishes, and smoke fills the chamber. The seven form a circle, although “It” attempts to distract and break them apart by simultaneously appearing as Georgie, Beverly’s father and a werewolf. As “It”, in the form of Pennywise, attempts to eat Stan, Beverly cracks the monster’s head open with a silver slug (formed from a pair of Richie’s mother’s earrings) fired from a slingshot, revealing the bright deadlights underneath. However, before the children can kill “It”, “It” somersaults through the air and escapes by getting sucked through a drain in the floor. The group grab his arms, only for the glove and one of the clown’s claws to rip off, revealing a larger 3-fingered claw that disappears. After arguing and deciding “It” is dead, the group exits the sewers and make a promise to return and fight “It”, should “It” ever return.

Mike Hanlon, the only member of the Seven who never left Derry, summons the rest of the group back to their hometown when “It” returns and kills Laurie Ann. Stan, remembering their attempt to kill “It” 30 years prior and fearful what may happen, commits suicide instead of returning.

As the remaining six congregate in Derry, each has another frightening encounter with “It”. Henry Bowers, having been placed in a mental hospital after accepting blame for the child deaths in the early 1960s, escapes under the influence of “It” (which takes the form of the deceased Belch) and attempts to murder the remainders of the Seven. After escaping, Henry attacks Mike at the hotel where the Seven are staying and stabs him, after which Henry accidentally stabs himself during a grapple, and dies.

At the hospital, Mike gives Bill the two silver slugs they made to use against “It” when they were children. Bill’s wife Audra follows him to Derry and is captured by “It” (disguised as a gas station attendant who later turns into Pennywise). Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, and Ben return to the sewers and rescue Audra, who has become catatonic after looking at “It’s” deadlights. They make their way to “It’s” lair, and it is there they discover, to their limited comprehension, “It’s” true form: a massive multi-legged monster, equipped with giant mandibles and menacing eye-stalks, that resembles a giant spider.

During the climax, Bill, Richie, and Ben are paralyzed by the deadlights, located on “It’s” abdomen. Eddie is grabbed and killed by “It” before Beverly shoots out the deadlights with her slingshot and one of the silver earrings. The others mourn Eddie, then kill “It” by disemboweling the “spider” and ripping out its heart.

To conclude the film on a positive note, Richie returns to his showbiz career which extends into movies, Ben and Beverly marry and are expecting a child, Mike is released from the hospital and remains in Derry, but considers whether he ought to move now that Derry no longer has a lighthouse keeper job. Bill helps Audra to come out of her catatonia by taking her on a seemingly suicidal bicycle ride impersonating the Lone Ranger, which is something he had done years earlier to help revive a young Stan who was frozen with fear. As the film closes, Pennywise’s evil laugh is heard one last time.


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